Benefits of solo hiking

Sometimes you need to have a time for your own, and a solo hiking is the perfect way to make that happen. Today we are going to examine the multiple benefits offered by solo hiking. If you want to bring to your life a huge change, then this activity can do it for you – and that’s what we are going to explore together. Let’s start this article with the first benefit!

#1: Enrich Your Spirit

The other day I was reading one of Joseph Campbell’s books on mythology, and he suggests that our society has a huge problem: it’s broken its path with mysticism. And guess what? Solo hiking is one of the ways you have to enrich your spirit and bring to your life the mysticism you need.

A lot of people care about their physical or mental health, but as it seems only a few care about their spiritual health. It’s time to fix that and fight back the decadence of this modern society. Give solo hiking a try, and you will be amazed by the results you will get out of it.

#2: A Lot Of Flexibility

One of the downsides of going for a hike in group is the lack of flexibility – you have to limit your choices to those of the group. It’s not an excuse for you to be the Asterion from Borge’s book, rather it’s a great benefit, because if you go for a hike on your own, then you will have a lot of flexibility when it comes to changing your routes and just going on your pace.

When you go in group, you have to keep a similar rhythm to that of the group, and this can add a lot of stress on you eventually. If you really want to get on your own pace and experiment the wonders of hiking on your own, then now you have the perfect way to make it happen.

#3: Self-reliant

Nowadays we seem to live in a world where all people look for protection everywhere. If you are a man, or also a woman, then you need to look for ways to become self-reliant. You need to depend on none but yourself, and this is a hard skill to learn nowadays, but solo hiking can make this possible for you. Because you will have to take the responsibility by your own, you will have to take your own choices and this will eventually build up everything that’s needed to be called a self-reliant individual.

This is also a great time to meet your own fears, and understand that being alone every now and then is not a bad thing, rather it’s a great thing, because it will allow you to know yourself better, face your own fears and take care of your own by your own! This is golden, because this will make of you a better human being as the time passes by – give solo hiking a try right now.