Best Time of Year to Hike in Georgia

Hiking can be a fitness lovers dream or a family leisure activity, though the best season to hike is an opinion that varies as much as the terrain people find enjoyable. Hiking in a warmer climate may be better in the fall and winter months, whereas hiking in colder climates may be preferable in the spring and summer. So, when then is the best time of year to hike in Georgia?

Some people may advocate for spring and summer as the prime hiking season in Georgia’s beautiful wooded areas, including the Georgian Appalachian Trail. There are beautiful flowers beginning to bloom and furry creatures coming out of hibernation, baby animals being born amidst the wonders that is nature renewed. However, there are also many other people who would agree, leading to crowded trails and less likelihood that you can really experience a personal connection with nature.

Autumn in Georgia offers as many, if not more, wonders of nature to the avid hiker. With the changing colors on the trees and late blooming fall flowers, the forests of Georgia (not too vastly different than Vermont) are a myriad of beautiful scenes. Though the weather is colder at night, the cooling daytime temperatures keep many other hikers and tourists indoors, leaving hiking trails peacefully uncrowded.

With the daytime temperatures cooler in Autumn, summertime pests like mosquitos, gnats and other bothersome flying insects are less of a nuisance to hikers, making the experience more pleasant than it would be under a baking midsummer sun. Also, other animals such as snakes, alligators and woodland rodents are beginning their hibernations, while winter animals are emerging, adding their beauty to the splendor of hiking in Georgie in the Autumn months.

With the relatively warmer climate of Georgia, even a venture out during the winter months could be an experience worth sharing with friends and with nature.

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